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How Can I Make Sure My Compliance Training Program Covers All My Risks?

Building a compliance training program that covers all of your organisation’s risks isn’t easy. To do it in a way that ensures you cover your bases without creating training fatigue means creating a multi-year training program. This article outlines how you can create a multi-year training programme in seven easy steps.



Compliance Culture Building Block #7: Engage leadership

Active support and leadership from management for ethical business practices is crucial for embedding compliance in company culture and policy. This article discusses the importance of engaging leadership to ensure that you have an effective compliance programme.




5 Ways to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer

Being a compliance officer is tough. The myriad of legal challenges you need to sidestep everyday, is endless. However, in you highly competitive field, simply being average is not enough. This article summarizes five ways that you can insure that you’ll be a “wildly effective compliance officer”.


Compliance Effectiveness – Wolf Crier, Alarmist, or the Calm in the Eye of the Storm

The author of this article believes there are three kinds of compliance officers – a wolf crier, an alarmist or someone who is the calm in the eye of the storm. Which one do you think you are?



Compliance Benchmark: Quantifying the Fundamentals

In the current environment, the mere existence of a compliance programme no longer suffices. Most competition authorities now require businesses, as a condition of a reduced fine or to having their compliance programme viewed as a mitigating factor in penalty calculations, to show that their compliance programme is ‘effective’.

This article suggests comparing the company’s own compliance programme to those of other companies (the industry standard).




HD Compliance

In the office you have a multitude of employees of different ages from all walks of life. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding how to approach compliance training in your company. Would an online approach work best? Perhaps a face to face seminar?



5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

The importance of the right policies for your company cannot be overstated. However, policies are not static documents – they have to continue to change as the times and conditions change, and as your company grows. This article give you five tips to ensure you do just that.



Overreach: A Sure Way to a Compliance Officer’s Demise

“Ethicists say, ‘Go beyond compliance to ethics.’ I will be glad to go beyond compliance— once we stop breaking the rule of law. You cannot possibly have an ethical culture if you are breaking the rule of law. Stop dismissing compliance for ethics and suggesting that compliance officers should just focus on ethics. We need both.”