Company Ethics 

Give Rules, Not Orders

In Intent-Based Leadership organizations we try to refrain from giving a bunch of orders. We still have rules or structures. For example, we might say, “Look, we are going to have metrics and you can choose the metrics.” Or we might say, “We are going to have a plan, but you get to write the plan.”

Creating a One-Company Culture

When in 1962 President Kennedy asked a janitor at NASA “What are you doing?” and the janitor famously replied “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.” it exemplified the One-Company Culture concept – the originator of the strategy had engaged the whole organization through the power of good communication to own and live the strategy.

[Infographic] How Leaders Build Great Cultures

[Infographic] How Leaders Build Great Cultures

Click on this interesting infographic to see how leaders build great organisational cultures.

Not Whether But When

The country is experiencing a unique period in its history.  After being largely frozen in time since the Revolution, it’s clear that change is coming and likely coming fast.

The Impact Of Visible Values on Organization Culture

Does it help to post scripture verses or virtuous quotes in a person’s cubicle or at the bottom of e-mails? Several studies, quoted below, explored that issue. The results of these studies have some food for thought in actions necessary to build healthy organizational cultures.

4 ways to fix what's wrong with accountability

The chief end of accountability is nudging people toward their potential by leveraging untapped talent. The secondary end of accountability is getting things done.

Am I a Good Compliance Officer?

“I was recently asked to write an article on what it takes to be a ‘good’ compliance officer.  The question felt enormous.”

Tone in the Trenches

Is leadership solely responsible for tone? Shouldn’t everyone have the proper tone when it comes to compliance and ethics?

Lessons from Singapore

“I had never seen an ad about anti-corruption while taking public transport – until last week in Singapore.”

Council held liable for clean up costs of 100 year old ‘abandoned’ contamination

Be careful when you purchase land you know to be contaminated and be careful when you sell land without remediating known contamination first; these are the lessons learned from the Victorian Supreme Court decision in Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board v Yarra City Council & Ors [2015] VSC 773.