Ensure that your corporate policies are read, understood and
acknowledged by your employees. Policy Passpport alerts your
workforce of new and existing policies and offers the feature
of testing their knowledge. Policy Passport conveniently
keeps track of all policy and employee information in the
cloud, making it easy to add new policies or update
existing ones.

What is Policy Passport?

Policy Passport is our new online document monitoring and tracking tool.

Policy Passport is a simple way to guarantee that your employees read, understand and acknowledge your corporate policies, standard business procedures or any other document.

Policy Passport electronically alerts your employees to the documents that they need to read. It tracks who opened the document, whether they read it, tests their comprehension of the content (if you want to) and requires them to acknowledge the content.

You can monitor progress and draw reports at any time. Policy Passport will ensure that employees read and acknowledge all the documents assigned to them by sending weekly automated reminders.

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