Policies and Procedures: what is the difference?

Well-defined Policies and Procedures can help your business to grow because they enhance your employees’ ability to deliver consistent, high caliber service without dramatically increasing the burden of employee management responsibilities on you.

Despite this generally accepted truth, it is surprising how many companies do not have Policies and Procedures in place that are easy to read and allow employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.  Compliance policy documents in particular are usually full of legal jargon that makes it difficult to read – or just plain boring. They are there to “tick the box”.  Hardly anyone reads them.

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‘Tis the Season to Revisit Gift-giving Policies and Procedures

During holidays and throughout the year, organizations should consider revisiting their policies and procedures related to gift giving, as opportunities for corruption abound.

5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

The importance of the right policies for your company cannot be overstated. However, policies are not static documents – they have to continue to change as the times and conditions change, and as your company grows. This article give you five tips to ensure you do just that.