Am I a Good Compliance Officer?

“I was recently asked to write an article on what it takes to be a ‘good’ compliance officer.  The question felt enormous.”

Reserved Tables for Important People

“Organizations like ours often reserve tables for ‘the important people.’   When our staff did it for the first time I asked them to take the signs down.  My feeling is that everyone in the room is important.”

Leadership Development Yesterday and Today

Decades ago, formal training and development models, exemplified at the time by those at IBM, GE and Unilever, thrived and produced outstanding leaders who ran highly successful businesses. These organizations hired hundreds of graduates a year, who were rotated through different jobs, functions and geographies and sent through executive training. Twenty-five years later, if all went well, some portion of them became senior executives.

Much has changed since the heyday of programs like those, which, of course, have evolved over time.


Queensland Bill proposes to extend clean up liability to broad range of ‘related persons’

The Queensland government has responded to increasing public focus on the risk to the State of insolvent companies failing to meet environmental compliance obligations by the rapid introduction of proposed changes to the State’s environmental laws.

How do you measure ethics in business?

A report just published by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) calls out Britain’s biggest businesses for failing to accompany their ethical words with action. It found that while 94 FTSE 100 companies mentioned ethics in their 2014 annual reports, just 23 had some way of measuring whether they were behaving ethically.


Thailand: Anti-Money Laundering Law Strengthened

The Anti-Money Laundering Act B.E. 2542 (the “AML Act”) was recently amended by Amendment No. 5 which took effect on 9 October 2015. The new amendment makes changes to provisions to be in-line with the current anti-money laundering situation, to increase enforcement efficiency, and to conform to international standards. Key changes are as follows

The Ethics and Compliance Officer’s Many-Colored Hat

As a compliance officer faced with a multitude of challenges from all walks of life, it is crucial that you are flexible and can adapt to situations easily. This article summarizes thirteen key disciplines that have influenced the Ethics and Compliance field and are important competences for a compliance officer to have or acquire through others to effectively manage an ethics and compliance program.



4 New Truths That Threaten Your Business

The task of a philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, “is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.” Some 200 years later, the same can be said of the task of CIOs seeking to help their companies remain relevant. This article highlights four truths that could threaten your business.


This investment bank has started scoring employees based on their behavior

Swiss bank UBS has begun scoring employees specifically on their behavior, meaning year-end bonuses could be affected by whether they act ethically or are team players, two sources familiar with the policy said on Monday.


5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

The importance of the right policies for your company cannot be overstated. However, policies are not static documents – they have to continue to change as the times and conditions change, and as your company grows. This article give you five tips to ensure you do just that.