Not Whether But When

The country is experiencing a unique period in its history.  After being largely frozen in time since the Revolution, it’s clear that change is coming and likely coming fast.

Lessons from Singapore

“I had never seen an ad about anti-corruption while taking public transport – until last week in Singapore.”

‘Tis the Season to Revisit Gift-giving Policies and Procedures

During holidays and throughout the year, organizations should consider revisiting their policies and procedures related to gift giving, as opportunities for corruption abound.

OECD’s Foreign Bribery Report released: Three-fourths of cases involved intermediaries

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on December 2, 2014 released its first-ever analysis of anti-bribery on a global scale. 427 transnational bribery cases that occurred between February 1999 and June 2014 were reviewed. Read the key findings in this article.

Australia’s anti-bribery laws to get extra bite with false accounting offence

A Bill before the Commonwealth Parliament, if passed, will see Australia’s anti-bribery laws strengthened with a new books and records offence of intentional or reckless false dealing with accounting documents.