4 New Truths That Threaten Your Business

The task of a philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, “is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.” Some 200 years later, the same can be said of the task of CIOs seeking to help their companies remain relevant. This article highlights four truths that could threaten your business.


HD Compliance

In the office you have a multitude of employees of different ages from all walks of life. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding how to approach compliance training in your company. Would an online approach work best? Perhaps a face to face seminar?



Cost of Non-Compliance: $108 Million and Counting

Cost of Non-Compliance: $108 Million and Counting

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.” – Former Deputy US Attorney General, Paul McNulty. This article highlights exactly how expensive non-compliance can be for a company.


Cybersecurity Risk Now Tops Public Company Directors’ Worries, With Reputational Risk Close Behind

Accounting firm EisnerAmper (EA) has released its sixth annual survey of directors, Concerns About Risks Confronting Boards. The results indicate that, across the public, private, and nonprofit entities EisnerAmper surveyed, directors are most worried about reputational risk, cybersecurity risk, and regulatory compliance risk.


Evolving Legal Standards for Compliance Officers

“Corporate compliance officers are used to facing pressure from within their companies to protect them from legal exposure, but increasingly, external pressure from regulators means that compliance officers themselves may face liability if something goes wrong. The recent enforcement cases holding compliance officers liable for failing to implement effective compliance programs and the debate that has ensued indicate that the issue remains unsettled, but the overall trend appears to be toward growing individual accountability.”



This investment bank has started scoring employees based on their behavior

Swiss bank UBS has begun scoring employees specifically on their behavior, meaning year-end bonuses could be affected by whether they act ethically or are team players, two sources familiar with the policy said on Monday.


5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

5 Questions to Ensure Your Policies Keep Up With the Pace of Change

The importance of the right policies for your company cannot be overstated. However, policies are not static documents – they have to continue to change as the times and conditions change, and as your company grows. This article give you five tips to ensure you do just that.



Overreach: A Sure Way to a Compliance Officer’s Demise

“Ethicists say, ‘Go beyond compliance to ethics.’ I will be glad to go beyond compliance— once we stop breaking the rule of law. You cannot possibly have an ethical culture if you are breaking the rule of law. Stop dismissing compliance for ethics and suggesting that compliance officers should just focus on ethics. We need both.”



Time Management: 50 Bucks Worth

Jim Rohn once stated, “Either I run the day or the day runs me.” Time management is crucial to any effective compliance officer. This article give some valuable tips to ensure that you manage your time effectively.